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Donald Trump spoke to a gathering of his supporters on Monday night in Dalton, Georgia ahead of the run-off elections in the state on Tuesday. 

Trump, who was making his first public appearance of the year and one of just a handful of outings since he lost the presidency to Joe Biden in November was on typical Trump form for what his likely to be his last ever rally as president

The president, who was there to promote the campaigns of Republican candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, in what is a key election for the GOP and the future of the state, spent most his speech talking about himself and how he lost the ‘rigged’ election. 

Trump set the tone for his lengthy speech with the very first words that came out his mouth, which was, no word of a lie, “Hello, Georgia. By the way – there's no way we lost Georgia. There's no way. That was a rigged election.” Let’s not forget that Georgia was one of the states which flipped for Biden in November.

Trump seems completely baffled as to why David Perdue isn’t in attendance. Perdue was exposed to someone who had Covid-19 a few days ago and is therefore quarantining

This really set an example, as the Trump supporters in attendance seemed far more invested in chanting ‘fight for Trump’ than either of the Republican candidates.

Just a few minutes later, Trump jokes that he ‘might not like Mike Pence quite as much’ if he doesn’t come through for us.

Trump then starts to look way into the future and declares that he will be back in Georgia in 18 months to campaign against Republican governor Brian Kemp.

Trump seems to have transported himself back to 2016 as he begins ranting about ‘building the wall’ and that ’Mexico will pay for it.'

In another blast from the past, Trump begins talking about the supposed 'caravan of immigrants’ that was attempting to get across the border many years ago but never materialised.

Worrying scenes occur where Trump encourages the crowd to boo and jeer the Supreme Court for not overturning the election in his favour.

The lack of enthusiasm and boredness is quite obvious. Just listen to their reaction when Trump attempts to hype Perdue and Loeffler.

Loeffler, arrives on the stage and says a few short words but the crowd can only chant ‘fight for Trump’ and ‘stop the steal.’

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a controversial and newly elected congresswoman who supports the QAnon conspiracy theory appears on stage.

Utah senator Mike Lee is also there but isn’t invited on stage because Trump is a ‘little angry’ at him.

Trump’s revolving door of guests continues as he attempts to get his daughter Ivanka Trump on stage. Interestingly he reveals that ‘she doesn’t like the concept of running for office.'

Trump claims that he has won both elections that he ran in, without a shred of irony or evidence.

In another call back to 2016, Trump mocks Hillary Clinton, prompting the crowd to breakout in a ‘lock her up’ chant.

Trump has flat out given up on the Georgia run-off election and is now promoting conspiracy theories on stage.

Trump cites a 2020 Gallup poll, which named him as ‘the most admired man in the world’ as a reason why he should have won the election.

The president continues to spread conspiracy theories about Dominion voting machines, without any evidence.

Trump then starts talking about his controversial phone call with Georgian officials, which could land him in serious trouble, and claims ‘everyone loved my phone call.’

Trump goes on the attack of Section 230, which protects online platforms from legal liability for user-generated content.

At this point, it is fairly obvious that Trump is still in campaign mode as he is literally reeling off policies.

Trump almost seems exhausted by his own speech and struggles to say the word ‘America.’

Trump signs off his last rally as president in the same way that he has done so many others, by dancing to ‘YMCA’.

And that was that. Hardly the way Trump would have liked to mark his last ever presidential rally but then again, this has hardly been the most normal of presidencies.

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