Donald Trump has lashed out at his former secretary of state Rex Tillerson after he reportedly told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the president was less prepared than Vladimir Putin for a meeting between the two in Hamburg in 2017.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post published a story about Tillerson's seven-hour closed meeting with the committee where he reportedly revealed that Putin was far more prepared than Trump, leaving the POTUS at a distinct disadvantage.

Trump, who sacked Tillerson in March 2018 and replaced with Mike Pompeo has since branded the 67-year-old energy executive as 'dumb as a rock' and 'ill-equipped to be secretary of state' in a routine Twitter outburst.

This isn't the first time that Trump has aimed such an insult at Tillerson and just like last time, the insult has come back to haunt him, because why would you hire someone who was apparently as 'dumb as a rock' in the first place?

Others pulled Trump up on the problem with tweeting stuff like this, especially when Putin apparently controlled the 2017 meeting with ease.

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