President Trump has taken part in yet another interview with Sean Hannity, just a week after he had spoken to the Fox News anchor over the phone.

The two spoke for 40 minutes at a town hall event in Green Bay, Wisconsin which had a small number of attendees and it was as alarming and eyebrow-raising as you can imagine.

Before the interview even began, the two travelled together on the Marine One helicopter, where Hannity entered before Trump and even received a salute from the marines outside the vehicle.

The pair then had a walk around the Jet Air Group facility where the interview took place, which looked more like a backstage segment on WWE television than a conversation between a president and a journalist.

When they finally sat down to talk, things didn't get off to a great start as Trump attempted to make a joke about 'fake news' that was greeted by almost complete silence.

Trump then moved on to repeating a line that he has said over and over again in recent weeks that cities that are controlled by Democrats, such as Chicago, are worse than Afghanistan, Honduras and Guatemala as an attempt to justify his border wall.

In a bizarre moment, Trump appears to admit defeat to his presidential rival Joe Biden saying the he might become president because "some people don't love me."

Coronavirus was rarely brought up during the interview but when it was Trump managed to show further ignorance about the pandemic calling the virus 'Corona-19' and complaining that the disease has too many names.

Trump then tried to justify his complaints about the United States having too many positive cases because they are doing too many tests by falsely claiming that Germany has fewer cases because they are carrying out less tests.

If you look at what we've done on ventilators and testing, where we have 30 million, Germany is second with maybe four, maybe five million. Germany is going to show fewer cases because they are testing far fewer people. Different size countries and all, they are testing far fewer people. Many countries don't do testing like that. So it shows that we are way up in testing but what it also shows by doing that, in all fairness, it shows a very, very low mortality rate. Just about the lowest. So, we are right at the bottom in a positive way and I think that people are starting to see it.

Trump then reveals a story, possibly told to him by one of his imaginary friends, that they think he is 'the most perfect person' which receives a polite round of applause.

Questions from the audience are then allowed to be asked and this is not a joke when we tell you that the first question was from a woman asking what Trump what his finest accomplishment was. Trump answers by saying that there the United States now has 300 federal judges before going on to take credit for the veteran's choice program which was actually signed in by Barack Obama in 2014.

While still on the same question, Trump begins complaining about government cuts before calling coronavirus an 'artificial problem' despite the fact that well over two million people in his country have tested positive for the disease.

As the conversation inevitably turned to the anti-racism and Black Lives Matter protests, Trump for no reason brings up the sexuality of Tim Carpenter, the Democratic senator who claims he was assaulted by protesters earlier this week in the state capital of Madison.

Trump was then asked what his aims will be should he win a second term but fails to name any.

One of the final parts of the interview showed Trump continued ignorance on coronavirus and complaining that people voted in person during World Wars I and II so why do they now have to do postal votes. This is part of Trump's unfounded belief that more postal votes automatically equal more fraudulent activity during elections.

Trump ends the interview rambling about there potentially being no debates as part of the election this year because of coronavirus before claiming that Biden and the Democrats will destroy the United States.

I will do any amount of debates. You understand what I mean. I say 'if I want to do ten debates' they'll say 'he's afraid he is going to lose.' No, what I want to do is three and I'll do any amount that they want. It doesn't make any difference to me. He is a candidate that will destroy this country and he may not do it himself. He will be run by a radical, fringe group of lunatics that will destroy our country and people have to know that.

Mercifully it was then over. Just another regular hour in the life of Donald Trump then...

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