Trump supporter removed from flight for refusing to wear mask and shouting the n-word

Louis Staples
Saturday 02 January 2021 11:00
(Twitter: Screengrab)

A disturbing video that went viral on TikTok shows a Trump supporter repeatedly using the n-word and refusing to wear a mask on a flight. She and another person wearing Trump caps were then removed from the flight.

The footagewas posted by @alexbarkley4 on TikTok. It was also posted on Twitter by Fifty Shades of Whey.

The video shows a woman wearing a MAGA hat with her mask down. She and at least one other woman aren’t wearing masks in the video, and the flight attendant informs them that they will have to leave if they don’t wear them.

Then the anti-masker says "have a good day, n***a” at least three times to a Black passenger as she walks by. The pair are then shown being thrown off the flight.

In response, one Twitter user wrote: "Anti-maskers are literally the reason we've had so much trouble with this virus. Their selfishness and ignorance has killed hundreds of thousands of people, that did not need to die."

Masks have been a growing source of partisan anger in the US, after Trump refused to wear one for months. Joe Biden has hinted he may impose a national mask mandate after being sworn in as president on January 20.