Trump supporter goes viral in bizarre video of her ranting in her car about ‘everything on the left’

Trump supporter goes viral in bizarre video of her ranting in her car about ‘everything on the left’

A video has gone viral of a Trump supporter ranting in her car about “everything on the left”.

The clip is of Tina Forte, a right-wing influencer from the Bronx, New York.

While recording the clip, she was on her way to the ‘Million Maga March’ – a mass gathering of Trump supporters which took place in Washington DC last week.

The video, which is only a minute long, sees Forte furiously talk about election fraud, the media and the Democrats.

In it, she says: “The media don’t get to call a f***ing election. We, the people, voted. We, the people, get to pick our president.”

Later, she claims: “We know he [Biden] didn’t win legally. We know he didn’t. We know about the stealing and the corruption.”

This is referring to the spurious claims, often repeated by Trump supporters, that the election was somehow rigged. A significant portion of Republican voters still believe that Trump rightfully won the election.

In reality, Biden won the election with a comfortable margin in both the popular vote and electoral college.

In addition to this, most lawsuits put forward by the Trump campaign to overturn the results have also now reached a dead end.

Forte doesn’t only make bold claims about election fraud, she also calls out senior Democrats ferociously. Notably, she refers to senate minority leader Chuck Schumer in a derogatory way.

She also warns that a “vote for Biden is a vote for Obama’s third term”.

Towards the end of the clip, Forte pivots to talking about the media.

She says: “You can keep watching Fox f***ing News because we don’t watch it anymore.”

This is referring to Trump supporters turning against Fox News after the network announces state-level victories for Biden following the election.

People found the video strange, to say the least.

Others pointed out that she wasn’t keeping her eyes on the road.

Forte is clearly an accomplished multitasker. She managed to spread misinformation and drive irresposnbily at the same time!

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