The world is watching in horror as a mob of supporters of president Trump have stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC.

At a rally outside the building earlier today, Trump gave a speech to his supporters and again refused to concede the election. Protesters then clashed with police and eventually broke into the Capitol building. Inside the building Senators and members of Congress were voting to certify Joe Biden’s election victory.

At present, outlets are reporting that one woman has been shot and a police officer has been taken to hospital.

Trump has a long history of making statements that have been interpreted as inciting violence

But given the shocking images that we’ve seen emerging from the US capital, the things Trump has tweeted today have come under particular scrutiny.

Many people have accused him of inciting and encouraging the mob in his tweets today.

So here’s a roundup of what he has tweeted:

He riled up his supporters.

He promoted his rally.

He spread misinformation about the election.

He told Republicans to “FIGHT”.

He pressured Mike Pence.

He spread more misinformation.

He turned on Mike Pence.

Finally, after the incident had been going on for hours, he attempted to strike a different tone.

Before returning to post a video filled with the same lies and rhetoric which motivated his supporters to protest.

(Twitter has disabled sharing on the video, but here’s a screenshot).

So is Trump to blame? The tweets, as always, speak for themselves.

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