People are remembering the moment Trump bragged that not paying taxes makes him 'smart'

People are remembering the moment Trump bragged that not paying taxes makes him 'smart'

By now, humans have lived with the internet for over two decades.

Basically everything we do is digitised and archived aka, we have receipts.

And now some of those are coming back to bite Donald Trump on his behind after his alleged tax returns were leaked to the public in a New York Times expose.

The documents – which the president has refused to release, breaking with decades-long tradition of his predecessors – allegedly revealed “chronic losses and decades of tax avoidance”.

One of the most shocking revelations is that in 2017, Trump – a purported multi-millionaire – allegedly paid just $750 in federal income taxes.

Trump supposedly paid absolutely zero federal tax in 10 of the preceding 15 years because his business losses were so much greater than his income.

Successful entrepreneur who?

Trump has denied the report, calling it "fake news".

But in light of this news, people are revisiting a classic Trump moment from the 2016 election.

It was a comment he made during a debate with rival Hillary Clinton.

“[Trump] didn’t pay any federal income tax,” Clinton said at one point, speculating on why the then-Republican nominee refused to release his returns.

Trump then interrupted, saying “That makes me smart”.

And people are wondering why everyone just didn’t listen back then.

And how Clinton was “right about everything”.

Four years later, people finally have confirmation that Trump seems to look down on people who actually pay their dues.

Although, as right-wing pundits have pointed out, it’s not being seen to dodge tax payments that Trump cares about.

It’s actually being called broke.

Guess Trump really is a man of the people; he’s just as skint as the rest of us.

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