<p>People are puzzling over what his statement means</p>

People are puzzling over what his statement means

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People have been left baffled after former President Donald Trump released a bizarre three-word statement: ‘BULLIES NEVER FIGHT!’

Trump’s spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, took to Twitter with the statement on Wednesday – because the ex-President was unable to due to his permanent ban. In January, Twitter removed Trump from the social media site after he voiced support for rioters who stormed the US Capitol.

Many were left extremely confused at the vague message.

Other Twitter users overlooked the strange three-word post, but instead, raised a valid point to Twitter Support about why Harrington is allowed to tweet on the banned ex-President’s behalf.

One user asked, “@Twitter @TwitterSupport, why is she allowed to keep posting statements from someone who is banned from Twitter?”

While another reported the account for “tweeting for someone who is banned.”

“@TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety I thought you banned Donald trump for a reason. Why are ‘tweets’ being posted via this acct”, a third highlighted.

In June, Trump appointed the former Republican National Committee official and conservative journalist as his personal spokesperson. “Liz Harrington is a fighter,” Trump said in a previous statement.

“She was an important part of our receiving more votes than any incumbent President in US history, far more than we received the first time we won,” he added.

Harrington later tweeted the following statement: “Fox doesn’t understand that it is missing a rating bonanza by not covering the 2020 Election Fraud, the Crime of the Century, which is being exposed throughout many states on a daily basis. They are also doing a disservice to our Country. People have turned them off!”

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