7 women who have sold out the Tulsa stadium that Trump couldn't fill
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Trump has made a pretty big deal out of how many people actually attended his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday.

The rally was held at the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa, which can seat around 19,000 people at maximum capacity.

But only around 6,200 people actually did turn up, which may even be a generous estimate.

It turns out that the BOK center has sold out previously – just for celebrities and musicians that people actually want to see. Even better? A lot of them are women.

Here are seven women who have sold out the BOK Center.

1. Vintage Lady Gaga

Before Lady Gaga was Ally – when she was just a pop idol with catchy songs and (at the time) shocking outfits, she sold out the BOK Centre on April 4, 2011.

Apparently, dozens of fans started to line up outside the venue at 4am in the hopes that some tickets would become available, with some of them having driven for over two hours to make it into the line in time.

2. P!nk

P!nk had just released her critically acclaimed Beautiful Trauma album in 2017, and sold out the BOK Center on the Tulsa leg of that tour (which went on to become the second highest grossing tour of all time by a female artist). She even she even brought it up today on Twitter, saying that she thinks she sold out that stadium in five minutes.

3. Ariana Grande

The BOK Center may hold a special significance for Grande as it's the place that she adopted her puppy, Strauss, who's since been a regular fixture on her Instagram page.

Staff members from a local shelter brought Strauss – and a couple of other dogs – down to the venue before her sold out performance in October 2015, as part of her Honeymoon tour.

She'd just released her second album, My Everything, and offered to sponsor the adoption fees for 20 more dogs for people in the area.

4. Cardi B

Of course, Cardi B could sell out a 19,000 capacity venue, particularly in 2019 – after the release of Invasion of Privacy, her second album that brought her even more commercial success.

She brought Kevin James and rapper Saweetie along with her for this performance on her arena tour in 2019, and posted a video from the venue too – it's pretty obvious what a sold-out BOK Center looks like (and it's not the one that Trump was in).

5. Cher

On 29 March 2014, Cher played the BOK Center as part of her Dressed to Kill Concert Tour, which spanned 49 cities in the USA.

It was the only time she ever performed at the BOK Centre, and a local review said she brought, “vocal power and humour" to her show.

6. Katy Perry

Katy Perry brought her Prismatic World Tour to the BOK Center – the tour had started on 7 May 2015 in Belfast, and ended October in Costa Rica.

Her performance in Tulsa was on October 6, 2014, featuring unicorns, lollipops and a lot of freaky costumes.

7. Taylor Swift

Swift has performed at the BOK Center multiple times, and every single time, she's sold the venue out. Her first performance there was as support for country singer Rascal Flatts in 2009, just after the BOK Centre had opened.

If all of these women aren't enough, bands like Metallica and the Eagles have sold the venue out too.

Surely that makes sense – big musicians tend to sell out big venues.

But turns out you don't have to be a critically acclaimed household name to sell out a venue.

Australian children’s music group The Wiggles , who are definitely less famous than Trump, sold out BOK Centre in 2012.

People even pointed this out on Twitter today, and the lead singer of the Wiggles weighed in to point out that there may have been a very specific reason why.

Very gracious of them.

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