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Donald Trump is no stranger to posting strange tweets that nobody can understand.

There was the infamous covfefe tweet and the endless messages about the 'fake news media'.

One thing that we can always expect from the president is that his tweets are never concise or subtle and will always verge on the wrong side of a rant.

Imagine the surprise then when on Wednesday afternoon he posted a tweet that contained just eight characters: '5 for 5!'

What on Earth was he on about?

It's unlike Trump not to provide us with any context so the Internet set about trying to decipher the message as if it had been sent to us by a spy in a John Le Carre novel.

As you can imagine, the suggestions were very funny ranging from fast food choices to some of his disgraced former associates.

While this is all very funny, a quick bit of dot connecting will reveal that he was clearly referencing the fact that the five candidates he backed in special state elections all won.

They were Troy Balderson in Ohio, John James, Lena Epstein and Bill Schuette in Michigan and Josh Hawley in Missouri.

He then went on to claim that whichever senate or house candidates he publicly supports will win, which is a bold statement - but he seems pretty intent on promoting his 'Red Wave' agenda.

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