Hillary Clinton effortlessly mocks Trump after he got banned from Twitter

Hillary Clinton effortlessly mocks Trump after he got banned from Twitter

Donald Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter over what has been a ‘further incitement of violence’ on Friday. 

The president had been briefly locked out of his account following the shocking scenes on Wednesday where his supporters stormed the Capitol Building, leaving five people dead. 

However, he returned on Thursday and appeared to be attempting to distance himself from any blame and welcomed the transition of the incoming Biden administration. Trump also added that he would not be attending the inauguration on 20th January. 

For many, the ban was long overdue and was the culmination of a tumultuous week for Trump who was caught on audio asking Georgia officials to fix the election for him and also saw numerous members of his team resign following the violence in Washington DC.

The Twitter ban was the source of much humour for many on Friday evening but one person who arguably had more fun than anyone else was his 2016 election opponent Hillary Clinton. The two aren’t exactly the best of friends and Clinton was telling Trump to delete his Twitter account way back in June 2016, months before he was elected as president.

Clinton dug this tweet out again on Friday and gave it the perfect update, with a solitary tick emoji.

Only the most loyal of Trump supporters would not find this funny and people are in full support of her casual trolling of the president.

The tweet has already been liked more than 500,000 times and shared well over 80,000 times so expect this one to keep growing and growing. The only downside is that Trump might never see this unless he looks it up on Melania’s phone.

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