Mike Pompeo joked that he would stay in his current role until Donald Trump ‘tweets me out of office’

Mike Pompeo joked that he would stay in his current role until Donald Trump ‘tweets me out of office’

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo jokingly said that he intends to stay in office until Donald Trump “tweets him out of office, which I’m not counting on, at least today.”

Pompeo spoke at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) even in Kansas.

The remark about twitter appeared to be a tongue-in-cheek comment about Rex Tillerson, who was removed as Secretary of State via Twitter in March 2018.

He was replaced by none other than Pomeo, after Trump called Tillerson, “dumb as a rock.”

Pompeo’s comment was met with laughter.

He went on to say that it had been a “privilege” to work in the Trump administration.

Pompeo also talked about what it was like to work with the US president, and admitted he is “held accountable” for his actions:

He [Trump] is truly a leader who provides guidance to me, he says ‘Mike, this is the direction we want to go. It is oftentimes different than what we have done before.’ I think that’s a great thing.

It gives us a real opportunity to partner in different ways and build coalitions in different ways. He gives me that guidance and then he sets me free and holds me accountable.

He demands that the state department deliver on the things we said. I lay out for him couple times a month, he hears these set of objectives: immediate, near term, medium term, long term.

“I am held accountable,” he concludes.

Well, at least somebody is.

His comments come as his future as secretary of state has been calling into questions following comments he made about potentially moving back to Kansas, where he was a congressman.

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