Trump stopped tweeting in the middle of a rant for eight hours and people are confused


Donald Trump's rants have become so common on Twitter, that when he left one of them unfinished for eight hours, people got very confused.

Since the Mueller report has been released to the public, Trump has been more active than usual, starting off his rant on Thursday morning with a "GAME OVER" for "the haters and radical left Democrats" meme inspired by Game of Thrones.

On Friday morning, the president was still not letting loose, starting his thread by claiming that the "Crazy Mueller Report" in itself was "fabricated & totally untrue" (did we really expect him to say anything else?).

In the next tweet, he ramped it up a notch by saying the statement's made about him were "total bulls***" and called the whole investigation an "Illegally Started Hoax".

And then, just when we thought his next tweet was going to be even more dramatic, it just stopped. For eight hours.

And meanwhile, people were left wondering, taking to Twitter to come up with all plausible explanations of what could have happened to the president.

Whatever the reason was for his long eight-hour break, we can all agree he’s taking the whole thing pretty well.

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