Donald Trump says that Twitter is now boring without him – but not everyone agrees.

Speaking on the Newsmax TV network, Trump angrily hit out at the social media giant, who banned him after January’s deadly Capitol riots.

The former US president also claimed – without providing any evidence – that “millions” of people are leaving the site because it’s just not the same without him.

Unfortunately for Trump, a number of people took to the Twitter to dismiss his claim.

Some people also observed that Trump may be unable to check whether or not Twitter is boring without him, because he can’t get in.

Trump, who used to be known for his wild Twitter rants, also boasted that his following was “as big as it gets” and social media sites “can’t handle it because it’s too many people”.

In fact, this wasn’t the reason for his ban. He was banned “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” after the Capitol riots.

The former president, who is also banned by Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, did hint he could create his own social media platform.

He said: “We’ll see what happens. We’re negotiating with a number of people and there is also the other option of building your own… you can literally build your own site.”

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