Donald Trump has been called out after he shared a photograph on Twitter of a front lawn covered with his campaign placards which is actually from four years ago.

On Saturday the president shared a picture of a lawn in an unnamed location that was full of dozens of Trump 'Make America Great Again' campaign signs which he thought was great.

However, Trump didn't do any research into the picture as he would have soon discovered that this isn't from the current election campaign but his first one in 2016.

How do we know this? Because the photographer who took the picture called the president out over it. Alex MacGillis, who works for ProPublica, firstly complained that he hadn't been credited by Trump but then shared the original image which was taken in West Carrolton, Ohio in March, 2016 before being eventually published in November of that year.

Once people were aware of this, MacGillis wasn't the only one calling out Trump.

In the 2016 article, MacGillis describe the scene pictured above. The signs had been created by a professional sign maker who was helping to distribute them from his front yard, with the help of a married couple, which included a 43-year-old woman who claimed to have never voted before. This comes from the ProPublica article:

In March, I was driving along a road that led from Dayton, Ohio, into its formerly middle-class, now decidedly working-class southwestern suburbs, when I came upon an arresting sight. I was looking for a professional sign-maker who had turned his West Carrollton ranch house into a distribution point for Trump yard signs, in high demand just days prior to the Ohio Republican primary. Instead of piling the signs in the driveway, he had arrayed them in his yard along the road. There they were, dozens and dozens of them, lined up in rows like the uniform gravestones in a military cemetery.

The sign man wasn’t home, but he had left a married couple in charge of the distribution. I got talking to the woman, Contessa Hammel. She was 43 and worked at the convenience store at a local Speedway gas station after four years in the military. And this was the first time she was voting in 25 years of eligibility.

As some have pointed out though the yard sign sale appears to be free yet the placards don't seem to be going anywhere fast, at least at that time anyway.

It's not entirely obvious how Trump saw this picture from four years and decided to share it but it would be worrying from his standpoint that he couldn't find a similar image from this year. At the time of writing, most major polls still put Joe Biden as the favourite for November's election.

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