How Twitter reacted to Trump and Theresa May's press conference

On Friday afternoon Donald Trump arrived at Theresa May's country retreat, Chequers.

Trump's visit has been shrouded in controversy prior to his arrival and his every step and breath is going to be meticulously analysed and viewed by millions across the country.

While thousands of people gathered in central London for a variety of protests, and hours after a Trump baby blimp floated in the sky above Parliament Square, Trump alongside Theresa May spoke to the press.

Before the press conference even began, the two world leaders made headlines for holding hands for the second time in two days.

Once the actual press conference began they discussed a range of issues including North Korea, Iran, terrorism and border security, inexplicably linking the final two.

Many on social media were critical of May's involvement in this side of the discussion.

Another subject that was heavily discussed was that small problem of Brexit, which doesn't seem to be getting anywhere fast.

Less than 24 hours after criticising May's Brexit strategy in an interview with The Sunthe President quickly changed his tune and claimed that whatever was published was 'fake news.'

Twitter was flabbergasted.

Many felt that what Trump was saying was nothing short of rambling as he seemed to struggle with what was written on his prepared notes.

At one point Trump completely denied a question from CNN and deflected to Fox News instead.

Trump then basically derided the press in front of the press when asked about his comments in The Sun again.

To top it off they also left holding hands.

When it was all said and done people just didn't know what to think.

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