The best Twitter reactions to the Trump baby blimp

The best Twitter reactions to the Trump baby blimp

It's July 2018 and things are very strange.

British politics is in turmoil. No one knows what is happening with Brexit. The England football team are good now and Donald Trump is in the UK.

The US President's visit to these shores is causing quite a stir and there are several huge protests planned across the nation over the weekend.

Perhaps the strangest of all the protests has to be the baby blimp which was floating a few meters above Parliament Square for a few hours on Friday morning.

The 20ft balloon, which was tethered to the ground, attracted a huge crowd in person and was soon trending on social media.

Here are some of the best reactions and pictures.

Those who weren't there found it hilarious.

It's placing in Parliament Square made for some oddly amusing photos.

We would have loved to have seen what was said in this tour group.

A German TV show did a great job of photoshopping the blimp into scenes from his trip, so far.

A few people were a little disappointed that the blimp wasn't as big or as high in the air as they thought it was going to be.

Unbelievably, at the same time, there was a Dalek dressed as Trump making its way through Westminster.

Although this is just a bit fun and a chance to have a joke at a cartoonish politician it could be argued that this isn't an effective protest like this Twitter thread explains.

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