A complete timeline of Trump's horrifying 96-tweet 'meltdown'

A complete timeline of Trump's horrifying 96-tweet 'meltdown'

With just a few weeks to go until the presidential election Donald Trump is doing everything within his power to get his message across to his supporters, especially those who wait on his every word on Twitter.

Yet, as we've noticed in the past few months, Trump's Twitter output has been increasingly erratic as he strays more towards the meme troll and conspiracy theorist territory in an attempt to land any sort of blow on the Democrats.

Tuesday was no exception for the president as he shared no more than 96 tweets, most of them retweets, which ranged from support for him to offensive memes and even dangerous conspiracy theories. You can see all of these tweets on the Trump Twitter Archive.

4:59 am

Things started off nice and early for the president who was on Twitter before 5 am mocking Mitt Romney and claiming that Biden was getting 'dementia.'

5 am - 6 am

Between 5 am and 6 am, Trump posted 46 tweets. Once again, many of these were retweets (sometimes his own tweets) but he did share a few of his own thoughts, which consisted of deriding Biden. He also shared a tweet telling Kanye West to drop his bid for presidency and get behind Trump. Here are a few highlights or lowlights, you be the judge.

Trump also retweeted this account, which has just 360 followers.

He also paid tribute to his 'cool' friend, Mike Pence.

Yes, he did share a video of himself dancing to The Village People.

Trump's most controversial tweet of the day came during this early morning flurry, where he tweeted renowned political scholar 'Oscar the Midnight Rider' who shared a completely baseless story that claimed 'Biden and Obama may have had Seal Team 6 killed.' The account has since been suspended.

6 am to 7 am

A much quieter hour here as he posted just nine tweets. In one he retweeted Fox News anchor Greg Gutfeld who lambasted journalists for criticising Trump.

Another tweet saw him thank right-wing commentator Dan Bongino and praise him and conservative website Breitbart for their work but also took aim at Fox News, the NBA and Drudge Report, a US news aggregator website.

He also appealed to California voters and said that they would witness 'the greatest comeback of them all' if they backed him.

7 am - 8 am

Just two tweets from the president here. Firstly, a word of sympathy for the residents of Lake Charles, Louisiana which has been hit by Hurricane Delta.

Trump's compassion was short-lived and just ten minutes later he was berating Dr Fauci and falsely claimed that the World Health Organisation is against lockdowns and said that Trump was 'right'. This didn't happen.

8 am - 9 am

Just one solitary tweet from Trump in this hour where he appears to quote something from the conservative OANN news network about 'the Radical Left is trying hard to undermine the Christopher Columbus legacy' which Trump isn't a fan of.

10 am - 11 am

Trump had a full one hour break from Twitter before returning at just after 10 am in the morning to rant about the stimulus.

He then quote retweeted ABC news reporter Sierra Fox and a story about mail thieves, which Trump linked to the election being rigged.

He then found another tweet that poured doubt on voter registration.

11 am - 12 pm

Trump then posted a few tweets at around 11:30 am hyping his upcoming rallies, firstly in Pennsylvania that took place later that day.

Trump then also shared a link to 'Army for Trump' which sounds worrying but is actually not much more than a campaign volunteer.

He also wished a happy 245th birthday to the United States navy.

4 pm to 5 pm

Barring a tweet about early voting in the states of Texas and Georgia, Trump didn't post anything after midday. He didn't return just before 5pm to lash out at Democrat and former presidential candidate Cory Booker, who he called an 'empty suit' for his comments to supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

5 pm to 6 pm

Trump was gearing up for his rally in Pennsylvania at this point but did post a strange tweet at 5:40 pm talking about 'Totally Negative China Virus Reports' but it's not entirely obvious who he was pointing the finger at here.

8 pm to 9 pm

After his rally Trump returned to Twitter and started by quote retweeting LA Times reporter Sarah Parvini who had a story about Republicans being told to stop marking private ballot collection containers as 'official.' Trump claimed that Democrats had been 'doing this for years' before adding 'see you in court.'

Trump then posted two clips from his rally. The first sees him come out in support of the controversial fracking industry and claimed that if Biden were to win he would abolish it.

He later added that if 'Biden wins, China wins.'

At 8:50 he posted a pretty offensive meme about Joe Biden which depicted the Democrat as a resident of a care home, which not only insults his opponent but the many elderly people in those facilities who have been hit worse by Covid-19 this year.

9 pm to 10 pm

Trump retweets a speech from UFC fighter, Jorge Masvidal, who is of Cuban and Peruvian heritage who is a Trump supporter and believes that Biden will 'destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen'.

10 pm to 11 pm

Trump then had a bit of flurry between 10 and 11 pm, posting 11 tweets the first of which was a quote retweet from the National Fraternal Order of Police, who called Trump 'the most outspoken supporter of the police.'

At 10:24 he retweeted a baseless video claiming that the death of Osama bin Laden was a 'trophy kill' organised by the Obama administration.

After that he shared a tweet about a 'day of rage' protest in Portland where statues of Roosevelt and Lincoln were reportedly toppled.

At 10:27 he retweeted a Breibart story about Facebook suspending the account of former US Marine Corps Sergeant John Tiegen, who is now a conservative activist.

At 10:31 he shared a gif of a fatal shooting in Denver, Colorado on Saturday that was photographed by Helen H. Richardson of The Denver Post. He then shared a thread claiming that the shooter was a member of Antifa. New York Times reports that the shooter, Matt Dolloff, was a private security guard hired by a local news station for opposing rallies that were held in Denver on the weekend.

Just a few minutes after sharing information about a very sensitive story, he shared a video for Laura Ingraham's Fox News show which questioned the lockdown methods in European countries and praised the economic recovery that Trump had instigated in the US.

At 10:43, Trump shared two tweets claiming that the second amendment was 'under siege' in the state of Virginia.

11:08 pm

Trump closed out the day by saying a big thanks to the people who had turned out to see him in Pennsylvania.

12:31 pm

Trump wasn't quite done there though and before he went off to bed, tweeted the exact same speech from Jorge Masvidal that he had already shared just a few hours before.

And that was another normal day on Twitter for the most powerful man in the world...

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