Trump's tweets not making the same impact they used to, research finds

Trump's tweets not making the same impact they used to, research finds

Back in late 2016, when Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States of America the world would hang on his every tweet.

Every single post that Trump would make on the social media site, no matter how good or bad, was virtually a news story.

However, the president has become a bit of broken record in recent months, tweeting endlessly about 'witch hunts' or 'no collusion' all in relation to the Mueller investigation.

This, in turn, has resulted in the president's tweets having far less of an effect on Twitter than what he would probably hope.

According to the social media monitoring firm CrowdTangle, interaction on Trump's tweets has fallen from 0.55 per cent from November 2016 to 0.32 per cent in June 2017.

Following that right through to this month and his tweets have an interaction rate of just 0.16 per cent. The metric is measured by the number of retweets and likes divided by how many followers he has.

Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star Washington bureau believes that Trump's endless Twitter rants about the same subjects have resulted in this negative impact on his tweets, but he has seen a significant increase in followers.

Speaking to Axios he said:

Attacking the Mueller investigation went from scandalous to routine for Trump, and accusing government officials of treason went from groundbreaking to commonplace.

While the number of interactions per tweet Trump generates has increased 21% between his first six months and most recent six months, it lags way behind his follower growth of 110%

However, whilst people aren't as interested in Trump's tweets as they used to be it hasn't deterred him from using the platform in the slightest and he has actually begun to tweet more.

In the last six months, he has tweeted 285 times which is a stark increased from his first six months in the White House where he tweeted just 157 times.

CrowdTangle's research also found that it wasn't just negative tweets that generated interest for Trump. Some of his biggest tweets were simple messages like 'Merry Christmas' or 'Good Morning, Have a Great Day.'

However, the most popular by far was his controversial WWE tweet which saw him attacking a CNN logo, which has over 930,000 interactions.

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