Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s trip to the UK has come to an end but not before they had dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, with what has been described as a rather underwhelming menu.

The US president played host and had the venue decked out with roses, with wine from Californian vineyards in the Sonoma Valley to whet the royal appetite.

However one disgruntled food critic deflated when he learned that the meal was essentially steak and chips.

Jay Rayner, The Observer’s restaurant critic was unimpressed, and tweeted: “If you think being a prince or president is pure glamour, feast your eyes on this staggeringly dreary menu served tonight by Trump at the US embassy for Prince Charles.”

Tomato salad; steak and chips; fruit salad and ice cream. Sponsored wine. Its where appetite goes to die.

People pointed out that steak and chips seem pretty on-brand with a president who inhales McDonald's

And wondered why "salt" was listed as part of the menu

What kind of ice cream?

And "fresh" burrata as opposed to...?

The menu was a shambles, basically

It wasn't just the food that fell into criticism - the bizarre font got the same treatment

Others were all for steak and chips

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