The Trump baby blimp is going on a US tour

The Trump baby blimp is going on a US tour

Whether you think its an uncanny replica of the US president or a juvenile take on free speech, the Trump baby blimp is not deflating any time soon.

'Baby Trump' is set to float onwards to the US after a GoFundMe page raised more than $15,000 in just three days, tripling its original goal.

The six-metre tall balloon originated in London, where it was raised in Parliament Square in protest to Trump's four-day visit to the UK, though it seems the president doesn't actually know what the UK is.

Sadiq Khan gave the angry, orang blimp the green light, but it has drawn fierce criticism, with some branding it as juvenile, disrespectful and inappropriate.

Just as many toys will probably be thrown out prams when it hits New Jersey next month.

It is then set to travel between rallies throughout the East Coast, where it is surely destined to be at least as divisive as it proved to be in UK.

The inflatable, which organisers say reflects Trump's "fragile ego and tiny hands", are hoping to use the money to create a new version, instead of transporting the original from the UK.

Additional funds will support the 'Baby Trump Tour'. How? Well, the organisers already shared some ideas on their crowdfunding page:

All of the funds collected are being deposited in a dedicated account to cover future shipping fees while on tour, publicity, gear and other Baby Trump stuff.

Maybe a crib in the shape of the White House.

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