Trump appears to 'forget' which city he's in during rally

Trump appears to 'forget' which city he's in during rally
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Trump’s tour of American cities for rallies has led to some mishaps and mistakes.

For the past month, Trump’s rallies have provided people with a view of what’s most important to him that day – and have served to fire up his base of voters even more.

His hour-long rants are often filled with random facts and figures – and they’re hard to pin down.

His most recent rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin was more of the same – but he seemed to forget which city he was in at the end of his speech.

A clip shows him saying:

“From Oshkosh to lacrosse, from Green Bay – how are the Packers doing so far? Good team, good people – to right here. Give me the proper pronunciation,” he asks the audience.

People yell it back at him, and he says, “Thank you, that’s what I said.”

He also made several other remarks which didn’t really make any sense – he claimed that Joe Biden had promised to ban religion, and promised to ban ‘energy’, somehow.

Many pointed out that Trump seemed tired and was slurring his words more than usual.

He also said that he “saved the suburbs” without “having to go into it” – despite the fact that he hasn’t made any policy changes specifically aimed at changing the fortunes of suburban Americans. His fans also chanted “Nobel Peace Prize” – and Trump took the opportunity to insult Obama.

Mosinee, Wisconsin was just the latest stop on Trump’s election tour around the USA, which has seen him fly from city to city to deliver hour-long speeches.

It would be easy to write this off as a mistake – after all, musicians sometimes forget which city they’re in after a long tour – if it wasn’t for, well, everything else he said too.

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