During an unscheduled press conference at NATO, President Donald Trump wheeled off a phrase which sounded a bit familiar.

When taking questions from the press Trump was asked about a series of critical tweets about NATO that he posted on Wednesday.

Here's an example of what he said:

However, during the conference, he was asked whether he would renege on his comments when he returns to Air Force One.

In response he said:

No. That's other people that do that. I'm consistent. I'm a very stable genius.

Now Donald Trump is many things but Twitter isn't exactly sure that they believe that.

This is a phrase that Trump has assigned to himself in the past.

In January he posted a series of tweets about Russian collusion in the Presidential election where he first unveiled the self-appointed title.

It's worth pointing out that Trump posted those zingers at around 7:30 in the morning so he was clearly in a sound state of mind at that point.

Trump will be arriving in the UK later today to meet the Queen and Theresa May. Although his visit is already unpopular, he's now likely to be public enemy number one.

The previous question about NATO was asked by a Croatian journalist who he congratulated on reaching the World Cup final at the expense of England.

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