Trump made a surprise appearance at a wedding reception and the internet has thoughts

Trump made a surprise appearance at a wedding reception and the internet has thoughts

In 2005, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn starred in Wedding Crashers, a film about two lowlifes who routinely blag their way into strangers' receptions to swill free champagne and chat up the ladies.

Clearly taking inspiration, US president Donald Trump did the same this weekend when he made an unexpected appearance at a couple's big day, which was being held at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Anyone choosing to hold their ceremony at a Trump resort in 2019 must be MAGA diehards and that was certainly the case with groom PJ Mongelli and bride Nicole Marie, the latter photographed by a cousin with "Trump 2020" flags tucked into her dress in pictures posted on Instagram.

When the president arrived to kiss the bride and shake the groom's hand, the invited guests were delighted and erupted into chants of "USA! USA!"

Which we suppose is at least preferable to "Send her back!" or "Lock her up!"

The happy couple later told CNN the president's arrival at cocktail hour to wish them well "was a complete and utter surprise".

He was such a gentleman. He was aces.

The Mongellis - who both sport MAGA hats in their Facebook profile pictures - had gotten engaged at the same property in 2017.

While the newlyweds clearly enjoyed their day (and good for them), the occasion followed a difficult week for the president - embroiled in controversy over racist tweets attacking four Democratic congresswomen, his friendship with the billionaire paedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, and the emergence of a damaging video from 1992 in which he is seen boasting on NBC's chat show A Closer Look about kissing its host Faith Daniels on the lips while her husband's back was turned.

These concerns about his fitness for office follow New York writer E Jean Carroll coming forward in June with an accusation that Trump raped her in the changing rooms of the city's Bergdorf Goodman department store in the mid-1990s, making her the 22nd woman to make a sexual misconduct allegation against the president.

Which is why not everyone felt entirely easy about Trump's unannounced arrival at the party in Bedminster.

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