Tucker Carlson is trying to claim that the metric system is a conspiracy theory

Tucker Carlson is trying to claim that the metric system is a conspiracy theory

Tucker Carlson has claimed that America is facing a huge and pressing threat and it is... yes, you guessed it, the metric system.

Speaking on Tucker Carlson tonight, the right-wing presenter said:

Almost every nation on Earth has fallen to tyranny: the metric system.

From Beijing to Buenos Aires, from Lusaka to London, the people of the world have been forced to measure their environment in millimetres and kilograms.

The United States is the only major country that is resisted, but we have no reason to be ashamed for using feet and pounds.

Right. We've heard a lot of strange things in our time, but this definitely has to be the absolute strangest.

The case for the metric system hasn't been made in the United States since the Jimmy Carter administration, however, there is an argument that it would make a lot of sense, as they would facilitate international trade, increase economic output, and also possibly prevent NASA missions from failing, reports Raw Story.

Speaking on the show, James Pinero, who describes himself as an 'anti-metrite' said that the metric system should be feared because it is:

The original system of global revolution and new world orders.

In response, Carlson said:

Esperanto died, but the metric system continues, this weird, utopian, inelegant, creepy system that we alone have resisted.

How long can we hold out against it, would you say?

Pinero then retorts:

We should stand tall on our own 2 feet, I say.

Because it is customary measures that measured out the revolution and customary measures that took us to the moon.

The metric system meanwhile is the product of the French revolution. It was imposed at the business end of the guillotine.

Carlson then interjects:

So why are our leaders so anxious that we join the rest of the world in using Robespierre’s favorite standard of measurement, I don't understand?

Pinero further noted that:

All customary measures use man and his labour as the basis of the measurement. What is an acre? It is the land that an ox and can till in one day.

5,000 paces, a pace of 5,000 feet each. A meter is what? The globe that is not even accurate.

He added that the use of the base ten in the metric system is:

What remains of the radicalism … not great for measuring things in the real world.

There is a reason why the measurement system has 12, eights and 60s.

It comes from ancient knowledge, from the Romans, from the Babylonians.

In response, Carlson said:

I do see the problem, and I have not heard it as eloquently expressed as you just did.

You give us heart to keep fighting against a global tyranny of the metric system. And bless you for that.

Keep fighting that good fight, guys.

HT Raw Story

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