Today is Thanksgiving for Americans, which means turkey is very much on the menu.

Now, turkey isn't exactly the easiest bird to cook, so a lot of people are turning to YouTube tutorials to perfect the preparing of the meat.

One particular video from 2015 has been pulling in the viewers, but not because of it's handy and easy to follow recipe. No, it's because it's an inadvertent optical illusion.

A Reddit user found this mind-bending visual on a YouTube channel called Kamado Joe, with the trick occurring at around the two-minute mark.

All you have to do is stare at the brine in the pot for around 30 seconds and wait for the scene to change to a shot of a turkey.

Give it a go in the video below and see if you can spot anything.

Did you see anything?

If you were concentrating, you would have seen the skin of the turkey spin in the same way that the brine was, thus creating a rather unsettling and trippy illusion.

Other Reddit users who replied to the story found it just as weird.

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If you are curious about what you just saw, it is apparently a sensation known as the waterfall illusion, which is an aftereffect caused by your brain after it looks at a moving object for a long time.

When you stare at a moving object and immediately switch to staring at a stationary object, the brain can become momentarily confused and attempts to show you a moving one instead.

Anyway, enjoy your time watching the video and we hope it doesn't have any lasting effects on you if you happen to be cooking a Thanksgiving meal today.

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