Twitter just announced a bizarre new feature and people are furious

With people stuck indoors, more of us are communicating via our devices than ever before.

It makes sense, then, that the tech companies would be keen to capitalise on the new audience.

This is presumably what Twitter is trying to do, by rolling out a new feature.

Oooohh, I hear you exclaim. How exciting! Maybe it's one of the things people have been asking for...

Is it an edit button? A notification preview? A better way of embedding tweets in articles that doesn't make you want throw your computer through a window?

Nope, nope and definitely nope.

it's the one thing that literally no one wants: the ability to stop people from replying to tweets.

In an animation published this evening, Twitter attempted to explain this bizarre new feature, which basically allows you to have group chats in public, because all anyone wants on the timeline is to see strangers having a chat you can't get involved in, right?

People were very much not into this idea, with some pointing out that it could undo all the work social media platforms have done to avoid the dangerous spread of misinformation.

Although there is actually a crucial flaw (hack?) to the whole thing...

And many continued to beg for the changes we actually want.

In general, people were just upset by how it would change the dynamics of the platform, which is built upon the notion of people being able to jump into conversations.

RIP weird new Twitter feature. We barely knew you, but we don't see you taking off any time soon.

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