This guy dumped his girlfriend before prom. She got the perfect revenge


Breaking up with your partner is a tricky business, but there are certain rules you should observe in order to soften the blow.

There are good and bad methods, better and worse timings (and there's now ending a relationship via a Spotify playlist... For some reason)

But ending an 11-month relationship a week before prom, and then asking your ex-girlfriend for your money back in order to attend a different prom, is on a whole other level.

Yes, in theory, you could take the moral high ground... But in practice who are we kidding?

It requires a special type of response to such an injustice - and this girl had shade in spades...

Here's every cent of your $95. Have fun at prom :)

indy100 cannot verify the circumstances of the breakup, but the photographs appear to be legitimate.

People are enjoying her work...

Some even had suggestions for an extra dimension to the revenge...

Others had invitations...

And then there was this, the voice of the ex, shouting from the abyss...


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