Woman disgusted after finding two beetles in her Sainsbury's sandwich

Man takes legal action after ham sandwich left him constantly farting!

A single mum was disgusted to find two BEETLES in her meal-deal sandwich - so large they could be seen through the plastic.

Single mum Natalie Mudge, 33, bought a 'BLT' at a Sainsbury's petrol station in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

But among the crunchy lettuce and juicy slices of bacon lay two huge black beetles.

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The former NHS worker explained: "I didn't notice anything when I bought it - to be honest I was a little hungover.


"My friend opened up our BLTs first and suddenly went 'what the hell is this?'

"I took a look and it was quite a shock. I took them back to Sainsbury's and they said they would send it off to be tested.

"I feel like I cant eat the same way I could before, I don't trust packaged food the same way I used to.

"Eating just hasn't been the same for me since."

Natalie says she was given £200 in Sainsbury's vouchers as an apology.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We are looking into this customer’s experience. Cases like this are extremely rare because we have processes in place to prevent them from happening.”

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