Tyra Banks sparks furious backlash after sharing 'tone-deaf' take-out order

These days, turning to take-out as a small attainable luxury in the midst of a global crisis is a pretty relatable experience.

Ordering the same dish from loads of different places just so that you can work out which one you like best "for next time"? Not so much.

Yet while the rest of us are trying to re-budget for an extra side of fries, Tyra Banks is seemingly purchasing enough food to feed an entire cast of ANTM – and people aren't impressed.

The former model and TV presenter posted a picture of her take-out lunch (salad bowl maybe?) earlier this week, offering a "fun fact" to go along with the food porn.

Unfortunately, the revelation backfired. Lots of people seemed to think the fact wasn't really that fun at all when you consider the amount of food that would likely end up going to waste.

And even assuming the leftovers were donated or somehow repurposed, the insensitivity seemed particularly poignant given the current context.

Some people were just baffled by the lack of self-awareness.

Others wondered if she was just reminiscing.

There were comparisons drawn from British followers to the fact that the government recently voted against offering free meals for schoolchildren during the summer holidays after a campaign led by footballer Marcus Rashford, drawing upon the own experience of food poverty as a child.

Some people speculated as to how it would turn out if they were to follow her lead.

And of course there were many many "eat the rich" jokes.

This is not the only time Banks has made headlines for the wrong reasons in recent times.

Earlier this year a number of clips from old seasons of America's Next Top Model resurfaced, and people were outraged at her attitudes, including comments towards a gay contestant, darkening models' skins to have them portray different races, and insensitive responses towards women contestants who said they were victimised by male models.

She has also faced criticism for behaviour on her talk show The Tyra Banks Show, which featured "experiments" such a Black man being "white for a day" or wearing padded clothing too "live life as a fat person".

If Tyra Banks made it all this way without getting cancelled, it seems unlikely that a take-out order will be the tipping point, but it is 2020 so anything could happen...

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