Uber driver allegedly kicked Republicans out mid-ride, saying 'welcome to the resistance'

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Six Republican volunteers claim they were kicked out from an Uber for their political beliefs.

Chris Godbey and Mary Russell, two of the passengers, told the News & Observer, that the driver said "welcome to the resistance" after telling them to get out the car.

The six passengers say they had discussed "current politics, energy policy and previous Republican campaign experience," said Godbey, who toldThe Daily Caller the driver then realised the group were Republicans.

The driver allegedly told them he could boot them out on the grounds he "had the right to deny them service" after pulling over, Russell added to The Daily Caller.

The driver then allegedly sped away, leaving the group around ten minutes away from their intended destination.

Russell said she received a message from Uber claiming she was inappropriate towards the driver, but added this was untrue.

Godbey tweeted to Uber Support and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi asking for an explanation.

An Uber spokesman said:

We expect all riders and drivers to treat each other with respect, and we’re looking into this situation.

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