Why UK residents will hear terrifying 'Armageddon alarm' within weeks

Why UK residents will hear terrifying 'Armageddon alarm' within weeks
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Brace yourself for a blaring, terrifying, alarm that’s warning you there is a “danger to life.”

The UK government is getting ready to test its nationwide security alarm by sending the jarring message to residents’ phones in the coming weeks.

It’s part of the new Emergency Alerts system which was established to help warn the public of a potentially life-threatening situation nearby.

This first round of tests will focus on extreme weather events like flooding.

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Residents can expect to get a message, accompanied by the sound of a siren, that gives details about the emergency and instructions about what to do and how to seek help.

The system is already used internationally, like in the US.

Last August, when the new program was announced, Cabinet Office minister Kit Malthouse said the new program would, “revolutionise our ability to ‘warn and inform’ people who are in significant and immediate danger.”

UK Emergency

The system was formally written about in the UK Government Resilience Framework. The document, published in December, outlines ways the UK prepares for disasters.

“It will allow government organisations and emergency responders to send alerts, with a distinctive message appearance and tone, to every compatible mobile device within a chosen geographical area at very short notice,” the government explained in the Government Resilience Framework.

According to the government, the message will be able to reach 85 per cent of cellular devices made since 2015.

“They can be used in any life-threatening situation where the public needs to be given life-saving information,” the government added.

A nationwide emergency alert system has been a focus of the Labour Party for more than 10 years.

Labour’s Shadow Paymaster General Fleur Anderson said the trial was “long overdue” adding that the government has been “haphazard” in their emergency preparation

A government spokesperson told The Independent they’ve worked closely with emergency services to conduct “extensive trials ahead of its national rollout.”

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