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UK Black Pride is upon us, and LGBT+ activist and writer Alexander Leon has shared a few ways non-black people can be allies during the celebrations.

The event, which is taking place in Haggerston Park celebrates Pride among marginalised communities, including those of colour as well as refugees and asylum seekers.

Taking to Twitter in a ‘How To’-type thread, Leon began:

So you're a white ally wanting to come to @ukblackpride this Sunday - you are welcome! While this event isn't for you, you can absolutely be a part of it. Here's some top tips on how to approach the experience in a respectful and supportive way. (ft. @MNEK gifs because I want to)

1. Know your history and why UK Black Pride exists

2. Attend UK Black Pride with the intention to learn

3. If people are a bit wary of you - forgive them

4. And finally - get stuck in

Have fun!

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