<p>New briefing room that cost £2.6 million.</p>

New briefing room that cost £2.6 million.

ITV News

Interior design is something that has plagued this government a lot at the moment. At first, it was Carrie Symond’s curtains, and now the sartorial outrage has struck again.

Forget the little domestic gossip about a pokey flat - now everyone is buzzing about the daytime television set that Downing Street is calling their new press briefing room.

All that royal blue, wood finishings and FOUR Union flags cost the taxpayer £2.6 million. Some might say it is a bargain, others have taste.

One could look at the photos in the scoop by ITV News and struggle to see how all those plastic chairs cost that much, but if anyone is going to do it, it would be Boris Johnson’s government.

They have spent billions on a rather useless track and trace system, which has called “an unimaginable waste” by The Pubic Health Select Committee and Matt Hancock has even been found in breach of the ministerial code over PPE contracts by the High Court.

Twitter was brimming with people unimpressed with this tacky use of the public purse.

Here are some of the best reactions.

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