This is what British beaches looked like on the hottest day on record in 17 years

This is what British beaches looked like on the hottest day on record in 17 years

Yesterday, in case you hadn't noticed, was hot.

And not just get-out-the-sandals hot, but sweltering, boiling, can-barely-move hot.

Those outside the UK will understandably be sick and tired of hearing us endlessly wax lyrical about whatever weather phenomenon we happen to be experiencing at any given time but honestly, yesterday was a lot.

If you thought so too, don't worry, you're not being overly dramatic.

According to the Met Office, the "exceptionally hot" temperatures, which reached 36C (96.8F) in the south east, was the hottest day for 17 years.

It's almost enough to make you forget you're in the middle of a pandemic...

Perhaps this is why councils urged people to keep it in mind while out hunting for somewhere to cool down. Authorities in Kent, Dorset and Bournemouth warned people to maintain social distancing rules while visiting beaches and parks.

But unsurprisingly and much like the last time around, people seemed to take little notice.

The Brighton Argus began tweeting out pictures of scenes from the beach, which were very much NOT socially distanced.

The images immediately and predictably went viral, with many pointing out that the majority of the people on that beach were white, in reference to Tory MP Craig Whittaker, who blamed "BAME communities" for not taking the pandemic seriously enough.

People also seemed to use it as a reason to excuse people behaving irresponsibly elsewhere (such as pubs), although that seems like a bit of a reach...

And the simple fact that no social distancing was occurring, and not a mask was in sight, did not go unnoticed.

People pointed out that this kind of shortsightedness could have serious consequences.

Interviews with beach-goers went similarly viral, with people baffled by the attitudes displayed.

Temperatures are set to continue to be extremely high over the weekend, and with more people off work authorities are concerned about the potential for further breaking of social distancing rules.

Large stretches of the coast were put on red alert yesterday, with Bournemouth and Dorset – among others – warning that social distancing may not be possible due to crowds gathering in open spaces.

The Beach Check app, which operates with a traffic light system, advised the public to “avoid” beaches including Bournemouth, Sandbanks, Mudeford, Avon Beach, Friar’s Cliff and Highcliffe.

Heatwaves during the pandemic in the UK have been a source of concern throughout the summer, as people ignore rules to gather in open spaces.

While the heat may be unpleasant to stay home in, further lockdown measures could be even more damaging to everyone's sunshine plans, not to mention the implications of a second wave of coronavirus cases.

Maybe we can all just make do with cold showers and a fan...

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