Ukrainian BBC journalist sees images of her destroyed home while reporting live

Ukrainian BBC journalist sees images of her destroyed home while reporting live
Moment BBC reporter sees pictures of her family home, partially destroyed overnight ...

A Ukrainian BBC journalist unexpectedly saw images of her destroyed home while reporting on the escalating crisis in Ukraine.

While discussing images and videos coming from Kyiv, Ukrainian journalist Olga Malchevska revealed that the building she lives in was "bombed at night" before realising that the images she was being asked to comment on were that same building.

"When we agreed yesterday about coming to the studio in the morning I could not imagine that at 3am London time I would find out actually my home is bombed," she said.

And turning to look at the footage she said: "That footage that everybody saw is literally my home."

It comes on the second day of war in Ukraine with the country reporting at least 137 deaths. Explosions have been heard in Kyiv and the UN estimates that 100,000 people have fled their homes, while western countries have issued sanctions against Russia.

After she seemed understandably shocked and upset, BBC journalist Karin Giannone who Malchevska was speaking to interjected and said she didn't want to see her colleague be forced to speak about something so "sudden and traumatic".

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"I just can't link in my head that what I'm seeing is actually somewhere where I used to be," Malchevska replied.

After the clip of the BBC show went viral and was circulated on Twitter, people said they found the footage heartbreaking and sent messages of support to Malchevska:

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