Sky News reporter in Ukraine gets caught in shelling

Sky News reporter in Ukraine gets caught in shelling

Dramatic footage shows the moment a Sky News reporter ran for cover in the city of Mariupol in south-eastern Ukraine when the area came under fire.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin has since launched a "full-scale invasion" into neighbouring Ukraine with explosions reported in the outskirts of the cities of Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Kiev.

Alex Rossi described how most of Mariupol's residents have since fled and said: "Walking around here it's pretty unnerving it's a spooky place to be."

He explained how the city's shoreline would be a "likely target" of any invasion, which soon became apparent as shells started to land nearby.

Camera crew footage captured the moment Rossi and his crew had to abruptly stop their news report to run for safety inside a building.

"It just shows how quickly things can change here," Rossi commented after taking cover.

"We were outside filming, really calm - there had been shells that had come in this morning but again it had gone quiet it felt very, very normal but we've just had to come here to take cover because there's been incoming mortar fire."

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