People are obsessed with the guy who doesn't move during this fight

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Monday 14 November 2016 15:45
Picture:(Screenshot / Twitter (@russian_market))

During the Ukrainian version of PMQs today, two MPs actually began a brawl.

According to Reuters, the fight broke out because Oleg Lyashko, Radical Party leader, accused Yuriy Bokyo, the co-chairman of the Opposition Bloc, of being a "Kremlin agent".

Politicians fighting is often a source of entertainment, but the thing about this particular video that's really grabbing people's attention isn't the main protagonists...

It's the Inmovable Iceman in the back.

Cool as a cucumber is our man by the door.

Possible reasons offered for his poke face include a solo #MannequinChallenge, poor use of cryogenics, or an out of place robot.

Either way, Lyashko gets decked right in front of him, but this man just...does...not...blink.

Picture:(Screenshot / Twitter (@russian_market))

Picture:(Screenshot / Twitter (@russian_market))

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