Ukrainian MP had the perfect response when asked if she is scared about being on Putin's hit list

Ukrainian MP had the perfect response when asked if she is scared about being on Putin's hit list
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A Ukrainian MP responded to being put on Vladimir Putin’s hit list in the best way.

As the war in Ukraine has raged on, the country's leaders have been praised for staying to defend their country from the Russian invasion.

Many civilians have also remained, taking up arms to defend their homeland despite the risk to their lives.

As a Ukrainian MP, Kira Rudyk in Kyiv is a target for the Russian regime but remained defiant at the news of being put on Putin’s target list.

Speaking to The Guardian, Rudyk was asked how she felt about it, and replied: “I’m on Putin’s kill list, but I’m also on Ukraine’s top ten bachelorettes list and I hope that these lists even one another [out].

“But, there is no good answer to that, right? We know that one of Putin’s ways of attacking us as Ukraine is destroying either Ukrainian parliamentarians or [the] President or government.”

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While Rudyk is steadfast in her fight to keep democracy and Ukrainian power, she admitted the uncertainty and danger they are living in daily is incredibly scary.

“Well, there are many things that I’m afraid [of]. First, I am afraid of things that I don’t have a control of.

“And every time we are going to sleep, you don’t know if you’re going to wake up. Is it scary? Yes, it is.”

Rudyk also criticised governments and organisations for their slow reaction to preventing Russia's attacks.

The MP repeated President Zelensky’s calls for a no-fly zone to be placed over Ukraine and said she fears that any decision will “be very late”.

Rudyk said: “This all creates a rage and creates a hope and creates this motivation to train harder, to fight harder.”

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