Undercover reporters revealed some incredibly grim news about hotel bed sheets

When you stay at a hotel, you expect fresh sheets and a clean room. But how can you really be sure that's what you're getting?

A group of Inside Edition reporters went undercover at a number of New York City hotels to find out – and the results were pretty grim.

The team checked into nine different Manhattan hotels and sprayed the words “I SLEPT HERE” onto the bed sheets using washable invisible paint.

Picture: YouTube/Inside Edition

Leaving the beds unmade the next morning before checking out, they assumed that all the sheets would be washed as they had clearly been slept in. The group then checked into the same rooms under different names the following day to find out.

The Candlewood Inn & Suites near Times Square was one of the hotels that still had spray paint on the sheets when they checked back in.

The hotel manager said that it’s their policy to change the sheets every day, while a spokesperson said they “take great pride in setting stringent quality standards, which we take very seriously”.

The same thing happened when the team returned to La Quinta Inns & Suites near Central Park, and to the Marriott Residence Inn near Times Square.

Upon finding out, the manager of LA Quinta Inn & Suites said:

I mean, there are no words for me to say, we expect the housekeepers to change the sheets.

Things were slightly less grim at the Marriott, where they had at least changed the pillowcases – but nothing else.

Inside Edition's Ann Mercogliano, who took part in the investigation, said:

This is absolutely disgusting. The next time you stay at a hotel, you might want to bring your own sheets.

The Marriott later released a statement assuring them that they would be “inspecting the room thoroughly to insure this does not recur”.

Altogether, three of the nine hotels the group stayed in didn’t change their sheets, though all three have since aplologised and said they would look into the issue.

Maybe it’s time to start packing a sleeping bag?

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