Urban Dictionary's definition of 'Doing a Boris' is very special and very NSFW

It was the week where the prime minister quit, the pound plummeted, and Boris Johnson made the shock announcement that he would not be standing for Tory leader hours after Michael Gove revealed his surprised candidacy.

British politics has completely changed, and the nation - at least in part - has lost some of its affection for Leave campaigner Boris. Someone even uploaded his victory speech following the EU referendum to Pornhub under the title 'Dumb blonde f*ed 15 million people at once'.

Now Urban Dictionary has a new - and rather rude - top definition for 'doing a Boris'..

Imagine you want to live in Dave's house. To get it, you walk in and openly do a massive s--t in his front room. Dave moves out. Thing is, your s--t smells so bad you decide you don't want it after all. Leaving the house, and the rest of the street for that matter, a desolate rancid mess.

This is known as doing 'a Boris'.

'Did your mate end up with that bird?' 'Nah, he totally Boris'd it. Prick.'

'Are you going to take that job?' 'Maybe' 'Just don't do a Boris, yeah?'

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