As you might have seen by now, the US election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has proven to be a very stressful affair.

At the time of writing, there is no winner as key swing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are yet to declare who has prevailed as mail-in votes are still being counted.

It was all a bit stressful for some and the only way that people were handling it was by buying alcohol and fast food. To be honest, if anything is gonna get you through that election, then that'll do it.

This proved to be so popular that Google search terms such as "fries near me" and "liquor store near me" were trending at an all-time high and at times were outperforming anything to do with the election.

In a tweet, Google Trends showed that 'near me' food searches on Tuesday night included people hungry for pizza, Chinese food, Mexican food, Sushi and alcohol.

Interestingly, Delaware, the home state of Joe Biden, had the highest search for liquor nationwide. It also placed third for fries, behind Nevada and California.

At one point, 'Chinese food near me' was more searched for than 'who won the election today.'

Google Trends also shared what people were searching for when they used the word 'meaning' with 'projected winner meaning' and 'too early to call meaning' both trending high.

Insider also notes that liquor stores across the US saw a huge uptake in trade ahead of the election, while stocks of Ben and Jerry's ice cream had been wiped out at some stores.

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