Furious Trump supporters filmed screaming 'Fox News sucks!' in bizarre election plot twist

Furious Trump supporters filmed screaming 'Fox News sucks!' in bizarre election plot twist

A bizarre moment has occurred in Arizona where a group of irate president Trump supporters began chanting 'Fox News sucks' after the network called the state for Joe Biden.

At the time of writing, Arizona has still not been official declared for either candidate but Fox News called that the state would flip to the Democrats as early as Wednesday morning, giving Biden 11 electoral college points.

Both Fox and the Associated Press called Arizona for Biden as reports suggested that he had attained an unassailable lead over Trump and many other news sources have followed suit although CNN and The New York Times have let to confirm the votes for the Democrats.

However, the news that Fox, a conservative network that has been firmly in support of Trump for the last four years, has been greeted with great disdain by Trump supporters, some of which congregated outside of a voting facility in Phoenix and voiced their displeasure at Fox News.

The footage was captured by MSNBC and left many stunned and appreciating the irony of it all.

Similar scenes were recorded in Nevada, a state which Hillary Clinton won in 2016 but is now on a knife-edge but appears to be favouring Biden.

The backlash against Fox's projection for Biden was so severe that their chief political anchor Bret Baier, began receiving angry messages from viewers while he was on air. Baier has since responded to some disgruntled Trump fans with both an air of dignity and also having some fun.

Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate between Trump and Biden, criticised the president live on Fox News after Trump wrongly claimed that he had won states before they were officially declared as well as threatening legal action. He said:

This is an extremely flammable situation and the just president threw a match into it. He hasn’t won these states. Nobody is saying he won these states. The states haven’t said he’s won. This goes right back to what Joe Biden said: 'the president doesn’t get to say he’s won states, the American people get to say it, and the state officials get to declare it.' I don’t know whether he literally means it, but he said we will be going to the Supreme Court because we want the all voting to stop. Well, voting to stop, yes, but vote counting?

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