Trump's latest reelection campaign looks disturbingly like Nazi symbolism

Trump's latest reelection campaign looks disturbingly like Nazi symbolism
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Targetted ads that feature a red triangle and cost the Trump campaign $10,000 have been taken down by Facebook for violating their platform’s policy against “organised hate.”

The red triangle, pointing downwards, was used by Nazis to designate political prisoners in concentration camps including Communists, Social Democrats, and Freemasons.

Facebook removed 88 of the ads featuring the symbol, acknowledging that it is a “banned hate group's symbol to identify political prisoners” and was being used by the Trump campaign “without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol."

In the ads, the Trump campaign attacks Antifa (anti-facist movement) and blames these “dangerous mobs" for the recent protests in the US calling for justice for the death of Floyd George and an end to systematic racism.

It is unclear whether Trump HQ knew the historical context to the symbol – you’d think they’d do their research – but they are defending the choice of symbol by insisting that the red triangle is the symbol of Antifa.

Defending the Trump campaign’s choices of imagery, spokesman Tim Murtaugh told the Wall Street Journal that:

The inverted red triangle is a symbol used by Antifa, so it was included in an ad about Antifa.

In a total fail of an argument, he claimed that the triangle is not included in the Anti-Defamation League’s database of hate symbols, meaning it must be OK.

But the ADL database is used to signpost images used by modern extremists and white supremacists in the United States. It is not a museum of Nazi symbols.

Denouncing the Trump Campaign’s use of the symbol, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said:

Whether aware of the history or meaning, for the Trump campaign to use a symbol — one which is practically identical to that used by the Nazi regime to classify political prisoners in concentration camps – to attack his opponents is offensive and deeply troubling.

So is this a simple case of yet another political blunder, or part of an alarming trend of coincidences that are becoming too regular to be accidental?

Trump was recently slammed for plans to hold a rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa, which A) coincides with he day that slaves in the USA were officially informed that they were free – Emancipation Day, and B) was going to take place in a city where one of the most dangerous acts of racial violence in American history happened in 1921.

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