Trump has his fair share of enemies on the opposite side of the political aisle.

But as the US government enters shutdown over his proposed border wall, it's not just Democrats having a pop at the president.

Republican Bob Corker took a swipe at the president, accusing him of being involved in a “made-up fight” and telling Americans to focus on a “significant thing like pulling out of Syria”.

Corker has increased his criticism of Trump since announcing he would be retiring. He told CNN:

This is a made up fight so the president can look like he's fighting and winning

This is made up fight. I would tell Americans to turn this off and focus on a significant thing like pulling out of Syria.

In October 2017 Corker suggested that Trump has turned the White House into an "adult day care centre" and was setting the US "on the path to World War III".

Of course, Trump was not about to take this lying down, calling Corker out on - you've guessed it - Twitter.

But Corker sent back a jab of his own, ridiculing Trump's non-existent border wall.

Ooh, do you want some ice for that burn, Mr President?


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