Long before he became president of the United States, Trump made dozens of cameo appearances in television programmes and films from Home Alone 2 to Sex and the City.

And recently, some of his more obscure and downright weird on-screen appearances have been making the rounds on the internet again.

While earlier this week Trump shared a clip of himself dressed as a farmer and singing to celebrate a new bill, now a video of him being interviewed by two alien puppets for Channel 4 has resurfaced.

Zig and Zag met the President back in 1998 in the Bahamas at the opening of the Royal Towers Hotel for the Big Breakfast show on Channel 4.

In the clip, Trump gives Zig and Zag some advice on buying property for their new holiday camp ‘Zogland’ in Slough and warns them that he’s “not a nice guy”.

Oh really Donald?

He goes on to tell the puppets about “vicious finance people”:

They’re mean, they’re terrible, they don’t sleep at night, they toss and turn and sweat, how to take advantage of you.

Zag then thanks Trump, saying:

Well Donald, thanks a million for sharing some sort of knowledge with us.

But being Trump, he tells the puppets that his advice doesn’t come for free:

Because I shared the knowledge, I want a piece of the project. I don’t do this for nothing…

I want at least 20 per cent

As astute business operators, Zig and Zag offer the future US president 50 per cent before shaking hands on it.

Nothing to see here, just two muppets making a deal with another muppet.

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