Female military personnel should expect sexual harassment, White House official's wife says

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A recording has emerged of the spouse the new White House deputy chief of staff mocking victims of sexual harassment in the military.

Darla Shine, who has referred to herself as a “sexist” in the past, made the comments on her radio show a decade ago. She also allegedly made racially charged statements and spread conspiracy theories on her now-deleted Twitter account.

In 2009, after explaining why she considers herself to be a "sexist", Shine stated that women serving in the military should expect to be sexually harassed by men.

She said:

And why on earth would you fight to go on the submarine ship for months on end? You know there was just a story with these girls, these women who are upset that they are sexually harassed in the military.

What do you think is going to happen when you go on a submarine for 12 months with 4,000 horny soldiers?

Shine then questioned whether women should be allowed in the military and labelled feminists that fought for women's rights "stupid".

According to the Psychological Health Center of Excellence, one in five and will be sexually assaulted some point in their lives. From these numbers, it can be estimated that over 14,000 military members were sexually harassed in 2016.

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