Every US state's least favourite state, mapped

Matt Shirley

An Instagram user might have just discovered the secret state-on-state beef that's dividing America.

Los Angeles resident Matt Shirley asked his followers to take part in a survey to find out which states other states hate the most in America.

In Florida, the least favourite state was Florida, whereas those in New Jersey chose every other state as their least favourite.

Shirley believes around 2,500 people took part in his poll. He told Fox News:

These were write-in votes so there weren't any options to choose from. Someone else asked me if I put that New Jersey hated everyone just because of the variety of answers I got and this wasn't the case. The most common answer I got from New Jersey folks was 'we hate everyone' or something similar.

The map makes for compelling reading and can be viewed in its entirety below.

It turns out that a lot of people hate California? What did California do wrong?

Matt Shirley

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