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Valentine's Day is coming up and, if you celebrate it, it's a time when a lot of questions are asked among couples.

"Would you rather just do a day trip and not make a big showy deal of it this year?", for example. Or, in some extreme cases, "Why have you proposed to me with a pizza?"

Many couples would probably rather celebrate each other all year round – there's nothing more cringe-worthy than forced fun, such as only going out once a year to an expensive dinner, and being jammed in with 50 other couples doing the exact same thing.

However, if you do want to pop the biggest question, Valentine's Day can be as good a time as any, we guess.

There's probably a few things you should know about each other prior to that point – as psychologists and reddit users both attest to.

Here's a few questions you should have asked before the big one.

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