Man gives his girlfriend acne after secretly sabotaging her vegan diet

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Veganism is one of the strictest and most disciplined diets around and although it might seem like a fad, it can actually be traced back thousands of years.

While many vegans have taken up the practice for animal rights issues and the planets ever-mounting ecological problems, others have taken it on for health matters.

This leads us to this rather worrying story that has recently appeared on Reddit, involving a man and his vegan girlfriend.

The woman in this relationship had adopted veganism as she suffered a long-running and severe problem with acne which was linked back to the consumption of dairy products.

Now, the man wasn't convinced that dairy was the cause of her acne and the added desire to eat things like 'mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs' provoked him to do something rather radical.

He secretly began replacing the soy creamer container with dairy cream and surprise, surprise his girlfriend's acne came back and it was a lot worse than he ever imagined.

The story has since made it's way on to Twitter and people are shocked and appalled by the man's actions and also have a lot of questions.

No word on what the girlfriend did next but this blatant act of sabotage is unlikely to have gone down well.

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